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Choose SaasUp for outsourced European enterprise Saas sales and marketing expertise. Better outcomes, reduced costs, at lower risk. Why would you not?

Double your number

No, not your sales number – even we can’t promise that (yet). But whatever number you’ve put in your budget for making your market entry into a new geographical territory, double that: it’s always harder and more expensive than you think it’s going to be. That financial model looks seriously different now, right? But we can help. That’s what we do.

An expert team

What do you think is the biggest risk to your successful market entry? High on the list is the successful recruitment of a high-quality sales and marketing team that’s sufficiently motivated to deliver results for you – the good people aren’t even going to be available for, perhaps, months. SaasUp eliminates that risk: a full-spectrum, high-quality team with no delay and zero recruitment costs, ready for that immediate start you dream of.


A Real Extension of Your Team

  • Experienced, high calibre, successful expert marketing and sales team professionals
  • Agile, flexible and versatile
  • Full breadth of marketing and sales resource skills. Tooled Up
  • No recruitment costs or delays
  • Ability to increase / decrease / replace resources. Scale Up

Local Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

  • Established prospect relationships and experience
  • Expert local market knowledge
  • Localisation and adaption of the proposition and marketing content

Instant momentum

Daunted by the sheer scale of the task of starting up in unfamiliar territory? You should be. Putting a team together is one thing, getting it to start bringing in contracts is another. SaasUp’s industry, cultural and, where necessary, linguistic expertise ensures we hit the ground running. Nothing will settle you down like success on the sales and marketing battlefield, while revenues help to justify the next stage of your growth.

Fast to Market

  • “Instant On”: Fast to market and versatile. Sales and marketing resources delivered in weeks.
  • Scale Up straight away.
  • Evaluate, test and develop new markets to prove sales traction with minimal risk
  • Build shareholder value quickly
  • Minimal management overhead. Retain your domestic market focus

Transition when you’re ready


You might well want us forever, but you won’t need us forever. At some point, sales growth will see you move beyond ‘market entry’ and you’ll feel ready to open your own in-country operation with in-house staff: sales, marketing, operations, support and finance.

We know this point eventually comes, we welcome it (it means we’ve truly delivered for you) and will actively help you to achieve a successful transition.

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The SaaSUp Advantages

The old adage that “No-one ever got fired for buying IBM” became lore for a reason: buying the best gave any project the best chance of success. That’s how it is with SaasUp.

Improved sales and marketing outcomes

Why settle for the best of one world (maybe) when you can have the best of all worlds? Everyone involved in SaasUp has been instrumental in delivering at least one exit that met the objectives of the shareholders or investors of that business. This is how we measure the ability of SaasUp staff to exceed sales targets and to deliver great marketing campaigns.

Lower costs of market entry

Factoring in the costs of initial recruitment, the opportunity cost of elapsed time and a multitude of other costs, it is almost certain that hiring SaasUp is more cost-efficient than a do-it-yourself approach over the short-term – say 12-24 months. For the same sales outcomes – read ‘revenue’ – the cost of sales over this period is likely to be lower as a result.

De-risking new market entry

You may imagine that this is simply an arithmetical function of the ‘lower costs’ and ‘improved outcomes’ – but there’s more to ‘de-risking’ than that. At SaasUp our track records are extensive, exemplary and referenceable so, if entering a new market is your decision, choosing SaasUp de-risks that decision for you as well as for your shareholders or investors.

Europe: The largest economic area in the world

  • 508+ million people
  • 32 different countries with 24 official languages
  • 24% of global GDP: $18.5 trillion
  • UK ecommerce spend is about 60% of USA, growing by 15% year
    • Add in France & Germany: 125% of USA
    • All Europe: 190% of USA
  • But culturally very different from the US and between each country.

SaasUp is agile, flexible and versatile – there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Choose from any/all of the following:

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