UK and Europe Market Entry – Is Outsourcing Sales The Right Thing To Do?

Having an “in-house” sales and marketing team, I think we all agree is the ideal situation. However is it realistic at the start of launching into a new unproven geographic market or vertical?

One of the biggest mistakes we have seen is the recruitment of one or two people and expect them to be “Hero’s”: develop the Go-To-Market strategy, plan and implement the marketing communications programme, build a

prospect database, conduct lead generation and nurturing, prospecting, sales demos and meetings, negotiating and closing deals. Let alone all the administration work such as finding an office, recruiting, administration etc.

Without the structure and breadth of skills required of a full sales team, you risk success and at the very least you will suffer delays and leave opportunities open to competitors.

You have made the decision to launch in UK / Europe:

The product is ready / viable, you have achieved a compelling ARR in your home market and your research shows the UK / Europe opportunity is there.


Local Knowledge, Experience and Expertise

  • Your local knowledge and expertise could be better.
  • Which countries should you launch in? Large range of languages, cultures and business practices across 32 countries. [2 Cows Link]


Building a Remote Team

  • Concerned about spreading the focus of your existing management team? Even relocating a Founder before the new market is proven and how you handle their responsibilities when they move.
  • Recruiting at home is hard, let alone finding the right person to build a team from scratch and being the first / only person on the ground. Should they report to our already busy CRO / VP Sales or the CEO? Do we want a General Manager / Country Manager or a pure sales leader.
  • Expensive UK / EU head hunters, offices and other set up costs.

Reducing Risk

  • Heard enough European launch disaster stories from other B2B Saas companies; a lot of time wasted, competitors allowed to grow and wasted money.
  • Unable to commit long term but want to capitalise on identified opportunities.
  • Increase sales even with a cap on head count or lack of resources
  • Uncertain whether the opportunity represents long term value or return

Delivering Marketing and Sales in UK / Europe

Existing marketing materials are done and pretty good, the CRM system is working, the proposition & messaging is resonating and signing new clients and the sales incentive programme is rewarding and optimised.



New Marketing Materials Required

  • They don’t use “Z’s” as much in the UK, let alone all their other “wrong” spellings and funny sized paper. Which other European languages do I need to adapt to? Are some more important or can I just use English everywhere?
  • Will the same proposition and messaging work in the UK / Europe? There also seem to be some new potential competitors…

Lead Generation is Different in UK/EU

  • You don’t have any accounts or contacts in UK / Europe in your CRM. Lead sourcing tools like Hoovers and Jigsaw don’t seem to work as well in the UK / Europe.
  • Low skill (student / graduate) telesales don’t work for Enterprise Saas in UK/EU.


Closing Deals in UK/EU – Full Team Required

  • They seem to do all meetings face to face and not using an online meeting platform…
  • How much do sales people get paid over there? Chat commission structures and quotas?
  • To effectively market and sell B2B Saas solutions you need the breadth of skills of a standard full team. However initially it is hard to justify full time resources for each role required and it is hard to hire %’s of people:
  • How much do sales people get paid over there? Chat commission structures and quotas?
    • Enterprise Field Reps
    • Inside Sales Reps
    • Sales Development Representatives Lead Generators
    • Marketing
    • Pre Sales Engineers / Solution Architects
    • Implementation Managers
    • Client Success / Account Directors
    • Sales Ops
  • Need for local / national sales people for most European markets
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