How SaasUp Can Make Outsourced Sales Work For You

A Real Extension of Your Team

Within a few weeks you can mobilise a team of expert marketing and sales veterans to build the pipeline, move the deals through the funnel and manage the whole sales process.

  • Established prospect relationships and experience.
  • Provide a team with the right cultural fit and mix of skills to represent you to prospects.
  • We don’t rotate people on your team.
  • Veteran, accomplished, high performing, experienced and successful marketing and sales professionals that deliver.
  • We pride ourselves on building extensive and in-depth knowledge and understanding of your business, solution, competitors and position in the marketplace
  • We keep in constant contact with your business to continue our education and knowledge.
  • We are completely open in all our dealings and results.
  • Our “partnership” structure ensures that all the team are highly motivated as they have an invested interest in your success and exceeding your goals.
  • Sales resource agility, flexibility and versatility: Add / replace sales people easily, swap sales people. Sales people where and when you need them. But without fixed overheads, adding to headcount, human resources issues or administration. Variable costs + Variable scale
  • We provide the full breadth of different marketing and sales resource skills as full time or part time contributors.
  • Minimal management overhead.



  • An actionable Go-To-Market strategy: All the different countries in Europe have their own idiosyncrasies. We plan with you to develop the appropriate strategy for each country and/or vertical.
  • Your competitors: Where do you fit? We work with you to differentiate your solution for a successful market penetration.
  • Localise, adapt and produce marketing content and communications
  • Mature and experienced telemarketers for qualified lead generation
  • Local / national sales people for effective and successful face to face sales meetings
  • Initial & Ongoing Feedback: We provide market feedback with actionable feedback to tailor and refine the GTM strategy.

If Things Don’t Go As Expected

We always aim to provide a cash positive outcome for our clients in the 1st year.

However, contracts can be terminated at relatively short notice. A straight forward variable term commercial contract with break clauses.

  • Limits loses and impact on your business
  • No effect on your brand or positioning as no staff are “fired”, only a terminated outsourced contract…

The SaasUp Solution – An Integrated Approach

Set up a “Sales & Marketing machine” to generate qualified sales opportunities and close deals.

  • Efficiently
  • Repeatedly
  • Consistently
  • Cost Effectively
  • Rapidly

1. Planning for Success

An in-depth understanding of the opportunity for your solution in new markets / verticals:

  • Value proposition / unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Messaging / Market beliefs
  • Existing market success: Who is it selling to? For how much? Why bought?
  • Total addressable market (TAM)
  • Competitive environment
  • Industry characteristics
  • Existing pipeline
  • Pricing / commercials
  • Targets & KPI’s

Solution Selling

– Solving client problems = Solution Selling

  • What problem are we solving?
  • What is the benefit to them of our solution?
  • How do we solve that problem?

– Position against competitors



An enticing Value Proposition that resonates with our defined target audience and generates meetings resulting in new revenues


Developing a Marketing and Sales Plan:

  • Target market
  • Sales and marketing resources required
  • Communications plan
  • Content marketing requirements: Deliver / adapt a full content set for thought leadership, market credibility & education and lead generation
  • Measuring success / KPI’s / reviews

Being Product, Marketing & Sales Ready:

  • Product localised for the new market if required (we can advise)
  • Go live and client success / technical support (we can help provide/support)
  • Client legal contract localised for the market (we can recommend)
  • Pricing plan
  • CRM system
  • Sales processes and infrastructure
  • Localised content marketing: website, white papers, case studies etc
  • Adapted sales deck / demo

2. Business Development / Lead Generation / Marketing

We ensure that you can have the full and correct structure behind the “point of the spear” sales people, to enable them to successfully negotiate and sign deals.

  • Generate, qualify, nurture and convert leads successfully
  • The right marketing content to generate leads and provide credibility
  • The database and distribution mechanics for marketing materials

Which companies:

  • After identifying the vertical(s) you want to target we generate a complete list of companies, segmented by size, geography and vertical; from our in-house database.

Who to contact:

We analyse the job titles of the decision makers and influencers and identify the individuals from our in-house database which holds comprehensive


Build the database:

  • Build / verify your database
  • All data selected and downloaded for email, LinkedIn and telemarketing.
  • All company and contact data can also be transferred to your CRM system.

Generating Marketing Qualified Warm Leads:

  • Communicate our “content” / “proposition”: 7 touches for market & lead generation credibility
  • Deliver appropriate, focussed and ROI based marketing to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and market credibility. From local blogs / forums to exhibitions / conferences.
  • Taking your existing materials and refining the proposition and messaging to provide adapted materials for the local market(s)/vertical(s).

Generating Sales Qualified Hot Leads:

Using email marketing, LinkedIn InMails, occasional physical mailings and telemarketing we “warm” up prospects and set well qualified initial face to face sales meetings with the right stakeholders who have a need for your solution and a high potential to convert. Sales Qualified Leads (SQL).

We use all the latest technology to track interest from prospects ensuring a sophisticated nurture and follow up process.

3. Converting qualified Leads to Signed Contracts

Provide highly motivated, enthusiastic and experienced sales professionals who understand Saas, the market and your solution. Field sales team ramped and incentivised to exceed agreed quotas.



If everything is in place at launch, usually a few initial contracts are realistic in the early months. These new clients will create momentum, drive market credibility and help to fund the next few quarters of establishing credibility, market development and establishing your brand. A minimum of 4 quarters of support and commitment is required.


Visibility and Control

The team we set up for you is yours. You have full control over the level of resources provided.
We supply regular updates on all aspects of the service, providing with clear visibility on progress.

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